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Cedar Peaks Siding

Our Signature Series includes all accessories and so much more. .046 thickness, available in 26 colors, available in double 4.5” Dutchlap with form fitted drop in foam, includes anti-color fade and hail damage protection

Cedar Peaks Super Polymer Siding
  • Now available in 16′-8″ & 25′ lengths for a virtually seamless appearence
  • .046″ thickness for long-lasting performance
  • High Wind Load Performance
  • Weather Barrier Shield & Tri-Pigment (IR) Technology
  • Super Polymer Formulation
  • Cedar Wood Grain Surface Impression
  • Deep Profile for Increased Shadow Lines
  • Natural Patina Finish
  • Wide Butt
  • Lifetime Plus Color-Keeper TM Warranty (4 Color Units)
    • Transferable
    • No Service Charges
  • Fluted Outside Corner
  • ¾” Outside Corner
  • Inside Corner
  • Soffit (Center Vent & Full Aeration)
  • Box Corner Post
  • Undersill Trim
  • ¾” J-Channel
  • Wide Window/Door Surround
  • Designer Brick Mold/J-Channel
  • Hidden Vent Soffit
Available Colors

White, Linen, Birchwood, Cream, Antique White, Almond, Sienna, Sand, Mist, Sandalwood, Gray, Pewter, Clay, Camel, Sage, and special order colors are as follows; Prairie, Stone, Canyon, Granite, Aspen, Pueblo, and Nautica.

Trim colors are available in Deep Brown, Mountain Berry Red, Premium Blue and many, many more…….