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The garden window is every plant lover’s dream. Built of 1 1/8′ premium cabinetmaker quality oak or birch, features two operating side lite casement systems and an angled glass roof. The reinforced trapezoid casements feature easy-to-operate hardware and provide maximum ventilation while the mainframe profiles are foam filled for additional insulating power.

An economical way to expand your home’s interior and add an extra dimension to any room, the garden window from the “American Classic Collection” is designed to compliment any decor and expand the view of the outside with more glass and less obstructive framing.

  • 1-1/8″ Premium Grade cabinetmaker quality
  • Oak & birch veneer for superior quality and aesthetics.
  • Fusion welded vinyl frames and sashes provide air/water tight maintenance free components.
  • Side casements are hinged on the outboard jamb to provide maximum ventilation
  • Insulated 2-7/8″ thick super seat for a R7.5 rating.
  • Dupont Corian seat adds beauty and durability.
  • Available in cameo white only.
  • Plastic laminate seat interior
  • Maintenance free veneer.

Garden Windows are designed for the plant enthusiast. With glass surrounding three sides of this unit, your plants will thrive in an area of sunlight and warmth. Ideal for openings in the kitchen around a breakfast table or above a sink, the garden window also provides the area with ventilation. Cranking casement flankers are easily operated even in the most hard to reach areas.