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The largest and most versatile style is the picture window. It can span the largest of your window openings, mulled into exciting window walls, or bent into eye-catching shapes.

A picture window from the “American Classic Collection” lets light into a room and provides an unobstructed view of nature while protecting the home from the climate outside.

  • Mulled in combination with casements or double hungs, picture windows provide all of the insulating power as their operating counterparts by using 7/8″ insulated glass and foam filled frames.

Bringing the outdoors in and allowing natural light to bathe a home’s interior is the job of the picture window. Where accessibility is limited, like two store entrances or cathedral ceiling peaks, the picture window becomes a decoration that adds beauty and warmth to a room. Use it in anywhere that ventilation and egress is not an issue.

Bent into architectural shapes, the picture window takes on new meaning in entryways and living areas. Large arch top window, quarter rounds, and eyebrows surround doorways to provide a warm invite to any visitor or family member.

Avoid using picture windows in small rooms or living areas where ventilation is limited. Also, always check with local building codes on the safety egress requirements for your area. Picture windows are a great feature to add light and space to a room, but because they don’t operate, they are not ideal for every situation.