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Woodhaven Superpolymer Soffit

Quality soffit can definitely improve the appearance of your exterior, but perhaps its most important job is protecting your home. Without proper ventilation, moisture gets trapped inside your home. This can create interior rot and, when the weather gets cold, the ice that forms can damage roofing components. That’s why every home has to breathe and, ideally, it will have the controlled airflow that our quality soffit helps provide. Woodhven Super Polymer Soffit gives you a unique combination of aerated and non-aerated panels that can be placed where needed for best circulation. Without proper air circulation, condensation on wood can lead to interior rot and cold temperatures can cause icicles and ice dams that can damage eaves and rainware. Proper air circulation helps moisture and excess heat to escape.

Superpolymer Soffit – Built to Last
  • Woodhaven soffit is designed to enhance the appearance of your home regardless of its exterior construction – siding, wood, brick or stucco.
  • The low-gloss, natural patina finish gives Heartland panels the look of freshly painted wood.
  • The hidden beauty of Woodhaven soffit is that it is virtually maintance free – it resists chipping, cracking, flaking, peeling, blistering and rotting so you won’t have to scrape or paint again.
  • Woodhaven panels are engineered for strength and rigidity with a special deep-V formation that helps resist sagging.
  • Helps maximize air circulation – invisibly!
  • At the back, the AirCanal channel venting is hidden from view
  • The channel venting also adds strength and rigidity to the panel to help prevent sagging
  • Sturdy panel thickness of .044″
  • 12″ soffit panel
  • Matte Finish
  • Available in: Triple 3-1/3″ Hidden Vent and Solid