1. How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Windows?

You should consider replacement windows when the seal between the two panes of glass on your existing windows has broken and you are feeling the outside temperature (hot or cold) on the inside pane of glass.

We will measure the performance of your windows using an infrared camera as well as a temperature gun.

2. Will Replacement Windows Save Me Money on My Energy Bill? How Much?

Replacement windows that have Low-E and Argon gas will save you significantly on your electric bill…. as much as 40-50%. We recommend allowing us to conduct an energy audit on your home.

3. Can I Find Comparable Replacement Windows at My Local Hardware Store?

While you can purchase replacement windows from the internet or from the local big box home improvement store, there are several problems that may occur.

The problem that we hear about is, in many cases, the windows are the same as builder grade and don’t have Low-E or Argon gas, and you should always consider both the installation warranty, as well as, the product warranty.

Our products have lifetime warranties, which make the decision a much easier one to make.

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