Soffit & Fascia

In need of a fascia replacement in Oklahoma?

Along with roofing shingles, flashing, and gutters, soffits and fascia boards are two of the most important components of your roof’s anatomy.

The planks fitted to the underside of your home’s overhanging eaves are called soffits.

Most often, they are constructed of vinyl and contain small openings that allow your attic to breathe.

Stagnant heat and moisture can wreak havoc on attics and roofs. Soffits ventilate the attic and prevent your rafters from rotting.


Roofing fascia serves a different but equally important role in preventing roof and attic damage due to moisture.

Fascia boards are fitted over the end of your home’s rafters or trusses and serve as a barrier between your roofline and the elements.

Fascia boards
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Vinyl Soffit We Offer

provia Woodhaven
WOODHAVEN® Vinyl Soffit

WOODHAVEN® Vinyl Soffit

ProVia's Woodhaven vinyl soffit is offered in 29 attractive colors and is engineered to be one of the most durable soffit materials in the industry, with a 0.44” vinyl thickness.

With an exclusive hidden vent technology, AirCanal provides hidden channel venting that allows your home to breathe without sacrificing exterior appearance.

All American Quality Exteriors siding products require NO painting or caulking but simply occasional cleaning with mild soapy water.

Unlike fiber cement siding, which requires frequent painting and caulking, and wood siding, which requires frequent painting and staining, our exterior cladding product is virtually maintenance-free.

Woodhaven Soffit Styles & Options

Soffit & Fascia
Latex soft Matter impression

Woodhaven Soffit Color Options

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